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What's in FalNow?

What is the most valuable thing in your life?
Love, Money, Job or Career…
With its literal, intuitive and powerful interpretation, elegant and antique design, FalNow is the application for you. Don't wait any longer.
Your future is no longer a secret with FalNow!

Tarot is an oracle that allows us to improve our vision. Sit, watch and let it happen.

The coffee grounds symbolizes the life itself, and the signs on your cup is waiting to be lived. Now is the time to open your cup and witness miracles!

I can feel your glance on me like a hope. My Horus Eye is full of mysteries, like a magical and divine glow!

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. Triade horoscope represents your choices.


Don't worry just between us !!!
It is a unique knowledge accumulation in the field of divinatory arts, which is recognized and approved abroad. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the FalNow application has been developed to offer you specific analysis. FalNow is a fortune-telling application which is established for you to enjoy and enjoy, without compromising the quality standards it draws. Join the mysterious and mystical world of FalNow!

Through Horus's Eyes!

You Will Be Passionate To It

Each passion speaks a different language, there is no reason without passion.

Surprising Comments

You will sail to a different world with each comment.

Full of Surprises

FalNow and life they both are full of surprises, right?

Mysterious World

Words are mysterious because they speak, FalNow is the mysterious side of life.

Choose Your Card

The unpredictable is not impossible. It is a card that is always in the game.

Horus Is Different

I look up, I see and live for you. Are you here?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from FalNow fortunes?
To be able to benefit from our interpretations, you must buy Pyramids or become a FalNow Premium member.
What Is Piramids?
One Pyramid corresponds to one fortune telling. If you want to have more fortune-telling rights except Pyramid, you can buy Premium membership. Payment methods you can use to buy Pyramids: Mobile payment (available on Android app.)
What Is FalNow Premium?
FalNow Premium benefits: All your horoscopes will be interpreted faster and your fortune will automatically renew every 8 hours. The duration of FalNow Premium subscriptions is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Membership will automatically renew unless canceled 24 hours before it expires. Membership fee will be charged to your mobile account. Membership renewals are made 24 hours before the end of the membership period. Subscription and automatic renewal settings can be made in the mobile account settings. Refunds are not made during membership. The trial period in use with the beginning of the membership ends automatically.
When Will My Fortune-Telling Results Come?
Our goal is to give our members to their fortune-tellings in 15 minutes at least. But it may be delayed due to density.

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